A testimonial from C.Z.

My second 48-hour booking was a truly wonderful weekend driving down the Great Ocean Road to a farm cottage in the Otways.

It was my client’s 40th birthday and she wanted to treat herself to some care, attention, and pampering.

Dear Harley
Thank you for a fantastic weekend in the Otways. 
It was every bit the warm, cosy, fireplace getaway that I had imagined. Your reliability & willingness to help with things like driving, cooking and decision-making made me very happy. 
As you know my job often involves holding a lot of space for people who can’t. So to allow myself to be held, and cared-for, and even to try new things, was a refreshing change in routine.
I knew it was somewhat of a risk for us to spend 48 hours together without having met before. But you brought so much calmness, attentiveness and professionalism to the table. I never felt unsafe, and I was never left wondering if I had made a poor decision.
Thank you for reminding me what it is like to feel deserving of unconditional kindness. 
Consider heartfuel refilled. I am now ready to get back to doing what I do best: adding love to the world.
x C

Two duck egg omelettes, coming up!

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