Annie was a gem. She booked me for a four-hour Sensory Awakening Experience which involves a massage table, a boat-load of coconut oil, and a lucky-dip bag of fun toys and sensory tools to play with.

This is a scene I’m continuing to develop. It’s also something I go into without any set plan – I just set it up, see what kinds of signals I get from my client, and respond whichever way feels right at the time.

As always when playing with bindings, blindfolds, or any kind of impact play (spanking, flogging and such), full enthusiastic consent and constant checking in is standard practise.

It also involves scent, sound, and in future I’ve decided that I’ll bring in some taste elements. My dream is to set up a 7.1 Surround Sound hi-fi system, with the subwoofer placed underneath the massage table, so that it’s really immersive.

With Annie, I picked a little way into the booking up that I had been a little too cautious in the beginning when I walked into the room. Annie has seen several male escorts before and isn’t the kind of woman who sees any benefit to wasting time, so I could certainly have been more direct from the get-go!

As it is, I tend to have a more ‘get-to-know-you’ default for the first booking with a new client whom I haven’t seen before. Most of the time this is a good policy, but I definitely get the impression it wasn’t necessary with Annie! The good thing is, I’ll know what to do next time she books me. 😉

Here’s what Annie said about me:

Harley is a true gentleman. He is a sensitive guy who reads your mood and confidently responds to your every need. Great conversationalist and easy to get on with. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Sensory awakening package which resulted in multiple climaxes. I thoroughly recommend this to slowly enjoy the experience. Thanks Annie

~ Annie, Melbourne

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