What my life has been like in the Covid-19 isolation period.

I started the year by coming back to Melbourne after two years away, hitting the Tullamarine tarmac on February 19th. I was excited, I was ready, I had a plan for 2020 and it was largely about finding a foundational routine and Getting Shit Done.

I spent three months in Bali just before I came back, staying at a friend’s house and getting some dental work done (two implants, a root canal with crown, and a major filling. $3k!) During that period I also laid the foundations for a new online retail business.

I also applied to study towards a Bachelor of Health Science. I had a flat lined up, and there was a triple birthday party to go to where I’d catch up with all my friends.

Finally, I had also built up a reasonable following of sex work clients in Melbourne and I knew that a few were eagerly awaiting my return.

So I hit the ground in Melbourne with a plan. A clear pathway forward. The first week back I saw a client couple for some fun, but that’s the only booking I’ve had this year.

Two weeks after getting back the triple birthday took place. It was completely brilliant, about a hundred people came, I got loads of hugs from my friends and even met some awesome new people whom I looked forward to seeing more of. Covid was becoming a more serious issue at that time (first week of March) and we were all talking about how this ‘might be the last big party for a while…’ but we still seemed positive that it wouldn’t get crazy.

A week later we were in lockdown.

Disruption and Disillusionment

Everybody has been affected somehow. A lot of people to whom I’ve spoken have told me that, if anything, they are working more now than they did before, because they can use up the time they would normally use to commute for work.

Others have been laid off, and while government benefits have given them more time to bake sourdough and learn to make fresh pasta, they are very uncertain about when they’ll be able to work again.

As for me, staying motivated in study has been challenging. I’ve also gained an ADHD diagnosis (finally) and gone on medication, which is working really well but is still a lot to process during an already stressful time.

The new business venture I started in Bali is on hold. Depending on how the rest of 2020 pans out, I may be able to re-start it early next year.

As for sex work… Man, I was really looking forward to developing my style and presence this year. I felt confident. I still do, but now I’m feeling frustrated – like, I know what I want to do, but I’m feeling held back.

The Victorian Government & DHHS are not helping. They started out by banning all forms of sex work even while other business types such as gyms and saunas are being given permission to recommence. Recently they updated the DHHS website with confusing information that suggested (probably wrongly) that outcall escort work may resume. Vixen Collective is seeking clarification as I type.

Where to from here

As soon as we are given the go-ahead, I’ll be taking bookings pretty much immediately. We’re into exam period at the moment and during July I’ll have four weeks of holiday from uni. This means I can dedicate my focus and attention to my clients – assuming we are good to go by next month!

I’m really excited to get back to serving my wonderful clients. Being in Christchurch for the last couple of years was surprisingly fruitful for me in terms of sex work. So, I’m hopeful that Melbourne will be even more forthcoming!

It’s going to take time to build up my reputation into something solid, but I’m in this for the long-haul. I’m here in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, so I’m committed to the task.

I’m in the blocks. I’ve been training for this for years. All I need is for the authorities to pull the trigger on the starting gun and I’m away.

See you all very soon, in various states of undress!

time for a sauna - at least that's legal at the moment
Time for a sauna. At least THAT’S legal at the moment…

All this not-having-sex is making me horny

Stay home if you can. Wash your hands. Be kind.

I get it. This is important. People could die if I get complacent and lazy about hygiene and direct contact with people outside of my immediate circles.

Add to that the fact that here in Victoria, the DHHS has still explicitly prohibited sexual services of any kind.

But my god. Yesterday I ejaculated four times within about 6 hours, and played with myself several times more. It was compulsive, some kind of reptile-brained behaviour response. My diet, exercise and sleep patterns have finally evened-out during this lockdown period, and as a result I can feel my testosterone climbing back up again. My libido is clearly back, and with some serious oomph behind it.

But dammit, the only outlet I have for now is… well, me.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy giving myself pleasure. But the warmth and life force of another body (or bodies) against mine, and the interactive play that comes with sex, are completely different experiences. And I miss them, deeply.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the next person to get with me is going to need to bring their A-game. This time I’m going to ditch the usual teasing and tension-building. Do some warm up stretches, honey – especially spreading your legs nice and wide. Get some cardio in during this break time, because you’re going to fucking need it.

I miss you. I’m thinking about you. I hope I can be with you soon.

Mwah. :-*

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