Virtual Services During Lockdown

Current Availability

I am currently accepting new virtual clients but places are limited, so get in touch.

Send me an email to talk more, or to go onto my waitlist for when more availability opens up.

Hi! Thanks for your interest, it’s great to see you on this page. 🙂

This is a new offering that I’m still developing, so please read carefully.

My virtual services menu comes in three main flavours: one passive service “Appetiser” and two active services, “Main Courses” and “Desserts.”

Do treat this like a menu. You can pick and choose what you like, and leave out what you don’t.

When you’re ready to place your order, send me an email and I’ll see what I can cook up for you…!

Please note – Mains and Desserts are available only to women, man-woman couples, and woman-woman couples. (That is, man- and woman-identifying folx.)
Single men and man-man couples, you have myriad options – this is not one of them. But thanks for stopping by!

Appetisers: AVN Stars

The passive service is a subscription to my AVN Stars profile: click here.

AVN Stars is a platform where adult performers can post exclusive content for subscribers.

My subscription carries a value of $5 per month. The only place you can see what I post there is on the platform — I don’t post the same stuff anywhere else.

Some of my content there (about 50%) is explicit, so only sign up if you’re happy to see everything!

If it goes well and I get enough followers, I’ll use this platform to go live and take questions from people.

Click Here to Sign Up for my AVN Stars for just Five Bucks a Month

Main Courses: The Virtual Boyfriend Experience

The “vBFE” is the closest thing you’ll get to being with me in person. Admittedly this isn’t really that close, but hey, we’ll take what we can get, right?

Choose from the following options in any combination you like—

  • SMS messaging/sexting – Up to 20 messages between each of us, no expiration date, I’ll respond throughout the 08:00–21:30 period daily:
  • MMS/SMS Package – Three pics from me (no full face pics) based on your preferences, with an option for you to send three pics back to me, plus up to 20 text/sext messages as above:
  • Phone calls – By scheduled appointment between 08:00–21:30 AEST. Per 20 minutes:
  • Video calls – By scheduled appointment between 08:00–21:30 AEST. You can only book a video chat following a phone call appointment to establish confidence. is Per 20 minutes:

Please note that all phone and video appointments must wrap up by 21:30 AEST.
If you reckon you’d like a long chat, the earlier the better. 🙂

Choose your level of spiciness:

  • Mild – clothes on, friendly small-talk & banter, suggestive euphemisms.
  • Medium – Maybe some clothes off? More direct sexy talk; tell me what you’re into.
  • Spicy! – Aye caramba, let’s get naked and talk dirty!

YES, you can start off less spicy and add more heat if the mood takes you. Just let me know what your spectrum of heat is.

Wait… but what will we talk about??

This is where the spiciness comes in. 🙂

In SMS messages, we can talk about life, the universe, our favourite movies, or our favourite sexual positions… it’s really up to what level of spiciness you order. If you take mild, it’ll be standard ice-breaker small-talk and some get-to-know-you stuff. Friendly and light-hearted.

If it’s a medium level, I’ll probably ask you about what turns you on and what you’d like to do with me if you could have me to yourself, as well as what you like to eat and what your favourite colour is.

If you get the spicy deal, we’ll be talking about what gets us off in more explicit detail.

Treat it like a normal date – it’s just that we can’t touch, smell, or, indeed, taste each other (…yet?)

Desserts: The Virtual Dom/sub Experience

Have you always dreamed of being someone’s fucktoy? Having someone control your chastity? Or telling you what to do and not do with your (consenting) real-life partner…?

First Things First

This service will start off with a brief discussion over a secure messaging service about limits and boundaries for each of us (most importantly you). This ‘introduction’ service carries a minimal value (see below), so you can sound me out before you commit.

If your partner is involved, I’ll need to message briefly with them as well.

Then I’ll need an overview of your preferred existing kinks, as well as things you think you light like to try. There is a neat, fun, online quiz tool that we might use to find out what is ‘on the menu’ and what is off.

I may also need you to send me photos of any toys, tools, or relevant clothing that you have in your collection.

The possibilities are endless. Once we know where we stand with each other, you can choose from the following options:

The Good Stuff

  • Initial discussion around needs, desires, safety, and boundaries – total of two secure messages each (four total). Further messaging or phone calls by negotiation.
  • Text-only instructions – I will message you a submissive task that you must complete within 48 hours:
    $50 per task, maximum of three per week.
    $20 extra if you require follow-up appraisal on completion of each task.
  • Audio/text instructions – I will send you audio recordings delivering my instructions, and providing audio follow-up appraisal of your efforts:
    $75 per instruction, maximum of three per week.
  • Phone call D/s sessions – Take instruction in real-time. By scheduled appointment between 08:00–21:30 AEST, per 20 minutes:
  • Video call D/s sessions – Please note you will not see my full face, I will wear an eye mask. By scheduled appointment between 08:00–21:30 AEST, per 20 minutes:

What will Virtual D/s sessions look like?

Within the limits and boundaries we’ve agreed upon prior, that’s basically for me to decide and you to find out.

Remember, though, that you can decline any instruction I provide, if you have misgivings about anonymity, consent, or safety.

You will have a standing instruction to provide feedback after you complete each task, regarding your level of excitement and whether you ran into any difficulty completing my instructions. Since this is a virtual service and we can’t see each other in person, we do have to allow some leeway for independence and unforeseen issues.

I expect you to be able to manage aftercare/self-care following any instructions or sessions. However, if you would like me to prescribe your aftercare as well, please let me know and I will include this in your regular instructions.

Conditions of the Virtual D/s service

If you fail in your task without a valid reason, you can expect your subsequent task to be appropriate discipline.

If you fail to complete any task within a seven day period, the service will cease with no option to recommence.

Phone call sessions will involve me instructing you over the phone and you providing feedback as you go.

Video sessions will be similar to phone sessions, except that being able to see you will enable me to provide much more detailed instructions. I can also be far more responsive if you require discipline or care.

Please note, you will not see my full face in video sessions, I will most likely wear an eye mask.


You can make payments using the BeemIt app on your phone or via Paypal.

Payments are payable weekly on Sunday prior to the week beginning on Monday.

You can terminate any of the above services at any time and I will refund you for any services not yet provided.

Still got questions? Send me an email!