About: Who I am, and how I put consent and safety at the core of my service

Who Is Harley Brixton?

Consent, safety, security, and a feeling of comfortable trust are the values at the core of what I do and how I do it. Sensuality and sexual exploration can only take place after that.

On this page you can read about who I am, and how I apply my values into your experience.

The Body

Age: 42
186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 84 kg (190 lb)
Frame: Tall with a lean, toned, athletic body – built for endurance.

Hair: Dark brown close-buzzed.
Eyes: Grey-blue and mottled like stardust…  you can lose yourself in them.
Body hair: Light, and well-groomed where it counts.
Facial hair: Clean shaven.

Endowment: I am circumcised, and at 8 inches big enough to satisfy without doing any damage…!

The Man

Are you looking for an intelligent, experienced, and attentive male escort?

Having travelled widely in my 20’s I have lived in several countries, learned a couple of languages, and worked in several fields, from the requisite bar work to sustainable home construction, indigenous land claims, festival management, massage therapy and more. I can hold a conversation with anyone, anywhere, about nearly anything.

I’m a total nerd, and proud of it. One friend described me as “the thinking woman’s crumpet.” 😉

I’ve also been through life’s wringer a few times, and it has made me a better person, man, friend, and now male escort. As my personal trainer likes to remind me, “failure is success.” As a result I have a deep abiding sense of empathy and compassion which, I believe, has set me up to be a great male escort.

Yes I’m bisexual (well – technically I’m “bi-curious”). While I genuinely enjoy playing with a respectful gentleman, I have a strong bias towards women. Men are immensely fun and I love to share pleasure with them; women, however, move the deeper parts of me. My preference is to play with men in concert with their female partners, with the lucky lady being the focus.

I actually prefer the term “heteroflexible” to describe myself; mostly hetero, but I’m flexible with that!

If you’re interested in why I got started in sex work, read this.

The Experience

What does ‘Boy Friend Experience’ (BFE) mean…? It means genuine human connection and authentic physical intimacy. This isn’t “just a fuck.” It is real foreplay, real attention, a real desire to please you in whatever way works for you.

We can have a relaxed dinner, I can give you a chilled-out back rub or foot massage, or we can go for an easy stroll and get to know each other. (Dirty talk along the way is optional…)

The more I know you, the more I can please you.

The Kink

I’m not into hardcore BDSM, so if that’s your thing – good for you! I will cheer you on, but I won’t take part.

I do, however, VERY much enjoy the lighter, more sensory side of bondage play. For me it’s all about the sensations and the accentuation of human connection. Think blindfolds, bindings, light spanking, fingernails on skin… and nothing that will leave a mark. It’s a playful and explorative style, not a savage and crazy one!

In practice, this means it is your choice whether you would like to include this aspect of my service. It’s not a prescription – more of a menu. You can include or exclude whatever you choose; ultimately, the power is all yours (even if you temporarily delegate that power to me).

I enjoy creating a multi-sensory experience for you, including smells, music, and stimulating details.

Light bondage optional

Consent is sexy

If this is something you do wish to explore, and you’re new to it, I will absolutely discuss with you your boundaries, desires, and expectations before we meet. What a turn-on it is to hear a clear, vocal, informed, and enthusiastic “yes!”

Plus, I find that this conscious anticipation enhances our excitement in the lead-up.

Safer Sex Policies

The health, safety, and well-being of myself and my clients is my absolute #1 priority. I take it as given that we are only consenting to sex with clear sexual health conditions. I get myself STI screened every three months like clockwork, and I’ve never had an issue yet.

When is the last time you got tested? If you don’t have a good answer to this question, I will probably not agree to your booking.

During all penetrative sex I will use condoms. This is non-negotiable.

I will use a dental dam at your request.

I tend not to use my own penetrative sex toys and rely on you to have your own. If you don’t have any yet, I recommend you get some! They are immense fun and lots of good times can be had using them on you. If you like, I can even talk with you about what might suit you.

I sanitise all of my kink toys with food-grade sanitiser after every booking in which they might be used.

The Stop Light System

Finally, since you can take back consent at any time, I use ‘safe words’. Generally the ‘red’ ‘yellow’ ‘green’ system works well. If at any time you say the word “Red” everything stops. Any bindings come off as fast as possible, and we take as much time as needed to decide what to do next. If you just want me to leave, simply say the word “leave” and I’ll pack and go, no questions and no hesitations.

If you say “yellow”, we slow down. Pause. Breathe. I’ll ask you what’s going on for you, and listen to what you tell me. We either dial it back or take a break. Communication is key here — we don’t have to stop, we just need to communicate more clearly.

If at any point I ask you if we’re green, and you say “yes” or “green”, it basically means ‘Keep going, I’m having a great time!’

Usually we’ll only need the Stop Light system if we’re having kinky fun. But you can feel free to use these words at any time!

Emotional Safety

Spending time with a male escort is an intimate experience, but it is also a business transaction. I am providing a service for you, and we maintain a client-provider relationship.

This can be confusing since the service in question is, at its heart, one that is based on feelings – desire, attraction, connection.

Boundaries are important. Clear, vocal consent is key. I am committed to respecting your boundaries because this actually allows me to share with you my genuine, warm, human service.

Security is for me, too

Likewise I need you to respect my boundaries with respect not just to consent at the time, but to my private life as well. Essentially, you can ask me anything you like about my life so long as it does not oblige me to reveal my identity or the identity of anyone in my private life. If, without knowing it, you do ask such a thing, the first couple of times I’ll sidestep your query. If you persist, I’ll remind you of this policy in clearer terms.

Look at it like this: some secrets are fun. They are also, in this type of situation, healthy.

Let’s be real, but let’s also be respectful. Again, your safety, well-being, and privacy are my ultimate priorities.

Feel free to ask if you want to know more!

Would you like to keep reading on this website? Yes? Really?? Gosh! You are just insatiable, aren’t you. Okay, read this next for more of my story. 🙂

Time for bed…

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