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A review from Kit B.

Click here for the full review. Here is an excerpt:

The whole evening was so much fun. I am also a sex worker and really wanted a sexual experience that was indulgent and focused on me. Harley did this perfectly. It felt like the best gift I could possibly give myself.

Kit Bauer, Melbourne. Twitter: @foodsexwater (currently on hiatus)

A testimonial from Yen P.

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What made the whole experience special from the beginning was that Harley makes the time to communicate – offering options, giving reassurances, managing expectations and articulating boundaries. The way he writes, with humour, openness and understanding, evidently shows him to be a gentleman with a deep respect for women. I’m somewhat of a reserved person but Harley made it easy for me to ask all the awkward/difficult questions. The email exchanges were important to me as I needed that intellectual and emotional connection before flying to meet him. By the time deposits were exchanged and plans finalised, he already felt like a friend that I was comfortable with, and I was happily counting down the days to our meeting.

Miss P., Melbourne

A review from Chloe B.

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Harley is a man I have had my eye on for a while. His professional website enchanted me; here was someone who cared about his work and willing to put the effort in to prove it. I analysed all of it, read through his testimonials, his blog, and found him to be both professional and personal. Someone who would listen and respond; who would go above and beyond to provide a magical experience. 

And he did exactly that. 

Chloe Beaumont, Auckland. Twitter: @ChloeBeaumontNZ

A testimonial from C. Z.

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I knew it was somewhat of a risk for us to spend 48 hours together without having met before. But you brought so much calmness, attentiveness and professionalism to the table. I never felt unsafe, and I was never left wondering if I had made a poor decision.

C. Z., Melbourne.

Read more about Harley by clicking here.

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