Melbourne Male Escort

Melbourne male escort, travel companion, playmate and boyfriend for hire.

I am here for women and couples.

  • Are you sick & tired of wasting time with men who make it all about them and never about you?
  • Not confident in who you’ll meet online, or in the bars, and looking for some certainty and safety?
  • Are you a playful couple wishing to experience group fun without any fear of emotional hangups or complications?

A male escort fits this bill. A professional and experienced male escort is far more likely to provide to you a high-quality experience when compared with the average Joe.


My hallmarks are intelligent conversation, intuitive physical affection, and fully-focused attention.”

What I Do

From uncomplicated non-sexual social or cuddle dates to sophisticated sexual encounters, you get to decide what we do, and what we don’t do—you are ultimately in control. Always.

That is… unless you want to give control to me. If you can’t decide what to do, just let me know and I’ll come up with a plan and run it by you. You will still have “veto power.”

What’s more, you can change your mind about what we’re doing at any time. This means you can give me control over what we do if you like, but ultimately you can still take back control whenever you please.

All I ask is that you do your best to communicate clearly with me about how you want to go about things. I want to give you the experience you crave, but I need your help in understanding what that looks like.

What I Do Best

With individual women, my most valuable offering is that I listen to what you want. I’m sensitive to what you need and I respond to you based on what you’ve told me.

My strongest skill is easygoing conversation and playful banter that puts you at ease, allowing you to relax and sink into enjoying the moment with me without self-consciousness.

Where I really shine is in group play with established couples. I will be your unicorn, your foil. I love facilitating the deepening of your relationship and passion for each other.

This is your time. It really is all about you.



Light bondage is optional – include it, or don’t.

The Experience

Who is Harley Brixton?

Intelligent and sensitive with a masculine charm, I offer an engaging, attentive, and intimate ‘boyfriend experience’ (BFE). Physically affectionate and persistently optimistic, with just a bit of cheek!

I am also a sensualist, offering you a multi-sensory journey, a layered escapade into sight, sound, scent, taste, and tactile adventure.

Click here to find out what my Sensory Awakening Package entails.
(There are several other packages at that link, too. Think of packages like “date night ideas.”)

For Women

As a male escort for women I listen when you speak, I hold the door for you, I stand until you sit, and if you don’t hold my hand while we walk along the street then I offer you my arm.

I pride myself on respecting what you want, communicating with you at all stages to ensure I clearly understand what you are looking for, and carefully considering how I can provide it for you.

More importantly, I take careful note of what you do not want.

Your confidence and security are at the core of my service. Consent and safety are crucial. On that foundation, we can freely explore companionship and pleasure.

Your male escort experience does not have to include penetration if you don’t want it to. A slow seduction, a sexy massage, and sensory exploration can all be done with words, hands, mouth, or skin. Again: you call the shots.

You can even completely change what we’re doing at any time, either to dial it back, or to dial it up.

For Couples

As a male escort for couples, I aim to strengthen your relationship, never to undermine it; and I will serve you both in light-hearted fun and sexy exploration.

If you wish to have even more group fun, I can team up with additional female or male escort with a little advance notice.

I am ready to lavish you with my absolutely undivided focused attention.

Couples escort in Melbourne, Australia. See the rest of my photos here.


The Story

Why did I decide to be an escort? Well, like I said, I love to spoil women. It just feels great.

But more than that, I enjoy intimacy and closeness. And while I love meeting new people, I thrive much more in one-on-one situations compared with being in large social settings. I can do the social thing, easily, but I’m much better at close contact.

This being said, I also have a strong grounding and sense of professional boundaries. Once our time together is up, I keep a professional distance and maintain a healthy – yet still friendly – compartmentalisation.

As close as a male escort will get to you, healthy boudaries are still essential.

You’re paying for my discretion and respect just as much as my passion and companionship.

To read more about why I escort, click here.

Genuine connection

I genuinely enjoy the getting-to-know-you process. The connection, the quiet excitement of newness, the intrigue, and the depth of you being slowly revealed, layer by layer.

I love being the creator of a space where you feel instinctively comfortable to reveal what parts of yourself you may wish – all the while respecting your boundaries and limits.

In the lead-up to your first booking with me, I encourage email communication so that we can get a sense of familiarity with each other. This means we aren’t meeting each other blind, and will help us both to relax when we finally meet.

And I love sex. Of course, I’m a man, all men love sex right? Sure, but how many truly appreciate the feel of flesh on flesh, the look in your eyes and the subtle shifts in your body as you move?

Do they all notice the changes in your skin temperature, when the hairs on your arms stand up, or the resonance of your voice, and your whispers and moans…?

I do.

I notice it all, I sink right into it, I fall into the moment in time with you…  and I draw you up into the journey with me.

Sex is so much more than just PIV (penis-in-vagina). It’s about a connection expressed mentally and physically with all parts of our body and being.

Connect with me and let’s have some FUN!


Am I the Melbourne male escort for you?

Finding the right male escort for you, your character, and your needs, is a bit like finding the right doctor, mechanic, or masseur – sometimes you need to talk to a few before you make your decision.

I am more than happy to meet with you in central Melbourne, face to face, for a 15 minute coffee, beer or wine – at no charge – to discover whether we will be a good fit for each other.


Am I the Melbourne couples escort for you?

As a Melbourne male escort for couples, a conversation beforehand is not just important — it is essential.

I appreciate good communication with both of you before our first meeting so that we can establish some familiarity, healthy boundaries, and security with each other.

When we feel a confident sense of security, then the real fun can happen!

I’d love to talk to you about what I can offer. Do get in touch – send me an email at:

Talk soon,

xx – Harley

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