What gets me hot

CuriousCat is a social media platform where followers can ask anonymous questions. I’ve had some good ones lately and wanted to use my answers to create more website posts. A question that came through recently was, What sexually gets you off the most? https://curiouscat.me/HarleyBrixton/post/1174283171 I found myself initially not wanting to answer, since I try… Continue reading What gets me hot


Once upon a time, in another life, I was a massage therapist. While I’m not any more, I still love to give someone a massage. All the better if that person is naked and blindfolded at the time, and I have a selection of sensory toys close at hand, like this little guy: My experience… Continue reading HOW TO GIVE SOMEONE A SENSUAL, SEXY MASSAGE – THE BASICS


What my life has been like in the Covid-19 isolation period. I started the year by coming back to Melbourne after two years away, hitting the Tullamarine tarmac on February 19th. I was excited, I was ready, I had a plan for 2020 and it was largely about finding a foundational routine and Getting Shit… Continue reading LIFE IN LOCKDOWN

A Testimonial from Chloe B

This review comes from my too-brief trip to Auckland in June 2019. It is honestly an absolute delight to give a woman a sensual massage. It allows us to take our time, build trust, get used to each other more, and it feels like I am really providing something indulgent in my service. It also… Continue reading A Testimonial from Chloe B

The Importance (or not) of orgasms

Last week I posted a poll to Twitter and asked about how important it is for women to have an orgasm during sex: Nearly a thousand owners of vulvae voted, and a discussion thread thirty replies long ensued. After a while, a few common themes emerged. Generally, orgasms are not absolutely essential but are definitely… Continue reading The Importance (or not) of orgasms

A Testimonial from Miss P

My very first paid booking as a sex worker for women was a two hour erotic massage with happy ending(s) plus oral. The lady was deeply happy with the session, as it indulged one of her fantasies of a massage turning sexy, and she tipped me a little extra. A great start! My second booking… Continue reading A Testimonial from Miss P