Photo of Harley Brixton lounging by a window

The best way to initiate contact is to send an email to me at the following address:

A good template to use for your booking request to me would look like this:

“Hi Harley, I’m <your name>. I’d like to enquire about booking you for <date, time, and length of booking> in <location – Melbourne or elsewhere>. I’m interested in <describe the experience, services, or package you would like>. Thanks, <your name>.”

If you’re not comfortable sending details over email, flick me a brief email message and let me know over what channel you can communicate more openly.

After initial messages, we can then set up a phone call, if you like, so that we can get to know each other a little more before we meet in person. Or we can just keep communicating by email, so I can be sure I can give you what you want.

I am also more than happy to meet you face to face for a 15 minute coffee, beer or wine in central Melbourne before you commit to a booking if that will make you feel more comfortable with me before you commit to booking. Just let me know.

On the web

I am fairly active on Twitter/X – follow me here:

I also have an Instagram profile with lots of pictures, here:

My main listing profile is on, here: