A testimonial from C.Z.

My second 48-hour booking was a truly wonderful weekend driving down the Great Ocean Road to a farm cottage in the Otways.

It was my client’s 40th birthday and she wanted to treat herself to some care, attention, and pampering.

Dear Harley
Thank you for a fantastic weekend in the Otways. 
It was every bit the warm, cosy, fireplace getaway that I had imagined. Your reliability & willingness to help with things like driving, cooking and decision-making made me very happy. 
As you know my job often involves holding a lot of space for people who can’t. So to allow myself to be held, and cared-for, and even to try new things, was a refreshing change in routine.
I knew it was somewhat of a risk for us to spend 48 hours together without having met before. But you brought so much calmness, attentiveness and professionalism to the table. I never felt unsafe, and I was never left wondering if I had made a poor decision.
Thank you for reminding me what it is like to feel deserving of unconditional kindness. 
Consider heartfuel refilled. I am now ready to get back to doing what I do best: adding love to the world.
x C

Two duck egg omelettes, coming up!

A Testimonial from Kit B

Melbourne Male Escort bondage kink BDSM
Light bondage optional

Several sex worker colleagues have booked me for my services as a male escort, which I have both been really honoured by, and thoroughly enjoyed. Sex workers are necessarily excellent communicators, and don’t shy away from saying exactly what they want & don’t want. This makes it extremely easy to provide my services for them in a way that I know they will enjoy. It makes me feel confident going into the booking because I know what I’m doing.

It also allows me to improvise and build off their requests because I know where the boundaries are. I can add novelty and a few surprising twists, knowing that I am still respecting their wishes & boundaries.

I try to encourage all of my clients to be clear with their boundaries & communication for these reasons.

Kit, in particular, was exemplary with her pre-booking comms. It was an absolute joy to discuss with her what she was looking for in her experience, and if I felt a little nervous as I arrived and set up, it was only because I am an admirer Kit’s online presence – she is articulate, very well-read, highly intelligent & fiercely dedicated.

It’s worth adding that even if you are not so confident or practised in communicating your needs & wants, I am getting better all the time at judging what they are when I meet you and adapting as we go; and, if I am feeling unsure, I will ask you some simple questions, always without judgement, to find out if I am on the right track. As always, you are in total control of what happens and doesn’t happen, at all times.

Here’s what Kit said about my service:

I booked Harley for a 4 hour session in 2018. Harley was very thoughtful throughout the booking process, he asked a lot of questions to make sure he understood what I wanted (I came to him with a specific fantasy) and made me feel very comfortable.

In the booking this same feeling of comfort continued. It can be scary to ask a total stranger to come to your place and have sex, but throughout the entire booking Harley made me feel safe, secure and desired. Harley is not only totally gorgeous but really fun to chat with.

The whole evening was so much fun. I am also a sex worker and really wanted a sexual experience that was indulgent and focused on me. Harley did this perfectly. It felt like the best gift I could possibly give myself.

by Kit Bauer @foodsexwater

https://twitter.com/foodsexwater (currently on hiatus)

A Testimonial from Miss P


My very first paid booking as a sex worker for women was a two hour erotic massage with happy ending(s) plus oral. The lady was deeply happy with the session, as it indulged one of her fantasies of a massage turning sexy, and she tipped me a little extra. A great start!

My second booking was a 48-hour weekend in Akaroa… quite a leap up from two hours! Miss P flew over from Melbourne and we booked an AirBnB, hired a car, went on a penguin sightseeing tour in kayaks, I cooked several meals including salmon fished from the harbour we overlooked, gave her massages, and shared an outdoor bath with her. It was an amazing way to spend a weekend and I’m grateful for her trust and company.

Miss P was kind enough to write a wonderful, detailed testimonial for me. Here’s what she said:

Coming across Harley’s website, I knew I found the escort for me even though he was based in a different city. Both his age and physical appearance appealed to me. I just turned 40, have been single for a while and was starved of male affection. Everything Harley mentioned just struck a chord with me – genuine human connection, intelligent conversations, sensual indulgence, nourishing company and physical affection. I also appreciated all the information he put in his website, especially regarding sexual health and emotional safety. Reading about his services, I wanted the whole experience and just 2 hours would not cut it. So, I decided to make a holiday of my trip to Christchurch and asked for a 2-day booking, happy to let him plan an itinerary to impress an out-of-towner in Christchurch for the first time. What followed was a proposed road trip to a small seaside town nearby making it a perfect romantic holiday destination.

What made the whole experience special from the beginning was that Harley makes the time to communicate – offering options, giving reassurances, managing expectations and articulating boundaries. The way he writes, with humour, openness and understanding, evidently shows him to be a gentleman with a deep respect for women. I’m somewhat of a reserved person but Harley made it easy for me to ask all the awkward/difficult questions. The email exchanges were important to me as I needed that intellectual and emotional connection before flying to meet him. By the time deposits were exchanged and plans finalised, he already felt like a friend that I was comfortable with, and I was happily counting down the days to our meeting.

When we finally met, I was quite taken with his youthful looks and dreamy eyes. With the engaging conversations across a wide range of topics, as well as his perpetual optimism, easy sense of humour and affectionate nature, Harley was an easy person to be with. There was no room for awkwardness and we got cosy pretty quickly. 

Over the two days, he was the perfect affectionate boyfriend in public and the consummate lover in private. We held hands and exchanged kisses while we wined and dined in quaint restaurants, explored shops and went on day excursions. I loved listening to him recounting the history of the region and learning more about him each day. In our private luxury cabin, I was lavished with affection while making out in the sun, embraced lovingly in the bath under starlit skies and massaged in ways that made me tingle all over. As for the intimacy, it was sensual, unhurried and sooo very nice. It’s not just the sex (which was deliciously orgasmic), it was also the languid and luxurious foreplay that he indulged me with. He was very intuitive and took the cues from my moods well, from slow and sensual to hard and passionate. I loved his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, his generous endowment and his endurance. Suffice to say, I lost count on how many times I came.

I had everything on his menu including the sensual awakening massage and the culinary experience, with complimentary morning coffees, shoulder rubs and big tender hugs. I have never felt so pampered and so cherished. The whole experience was out-of-this-world! Was it worth it? Definitely. True, I paid for the experience but the complete Harley Brixton experience left me feeling more rejuvenated, sexy and alive than any holiday to Europe could ever deliver.

Miss P, Melbourne